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About me

I’m Emma Marshall and I’m a British travel blogger.  I specialise in UK and European short breaks and day trips – places you can visit within about 3 to 4 hours from the UK. As I live in London, I also write about some of the things you can see and do in the capital.

I work full-time so time to travel can be limited. I know there are many other people trying to balance their time in the same way as me – trying to carve out time to see amazing places around the world, whilst still holding down a job and career.

This blog is therefore designed to give you some ideas about the places you can visit in Europe if you have limited time: destinations to consider and the top things to do in a place if you need to travel on a time budget.

My posts highlight some of the interesting things I have seen and done whilst travelling on a time budget. You’ll also find ideas for itineraries for when you only have one or two days in a place and top tips to maximise your time.

Happy travelling! x

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